After that will be a brand new Marvel superhero movie, Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman. This will be Disney’s first film of 2018 with the movie hitting 16 Feburary 2018.


Following Disney’s current trend of making movies with single descriptor words, comes a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk called Gigantic. The movie follows Jack who climbs said beanstalk to find giants in the sky, befriending a 60-foot tall 11 year old giant named Inma. The movie comes out 9 March 2018.


Then comes a two-part Avengers sequel that’s set for 4 May 2018 with the first part called Avengers: Infinity War.

avengers infinity war

Following that is the as-of-yet untitled Star Wars spinoff feature for Han Solo which will be directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord. It will hit 25 May 2018.


toy story 4

If the rumours are true, there will indeed be a Toy Story 4 with the sequel mostly being a love story between Woody and Bo-Peep. The movie will release 15 June 2018.

Next is the female-led superhero movie when Captain Marvel hits theaters July 6, 2018.


Then we have the MCU’s version of the X-Men, Inhumans hitting theaters 2 November 2018. Vin Diesel hints that he will be in the film but we aren’t completely sure.

The gang is back
The gang is back

Following that will the 2nd part of Avengers: Infinity War Part II which will land 3 May 2018.


Then we have the sequel to The Incredibles on 21 June 2019.


The next installment of the Star Wars universe, Episode IX will be out in 2019 but an actual release date has yet to be specified. The movie will be directed by Colin Trevorrow of Jurassic World fame.


Last but not least, Disney has locked down release dates for four as-of-yet revealed live action fairy-tale retellings after the success of their live-action Cinderella. They will be released 22 December 2017, 2 November 2018, 28 March 2019 and 8 November 2019 respectively.

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