Starwars falcon

You heard us right, the Millennium Falcon drone is the real deal!

Disney made their big reveal during the Force Awakens “Force Friday” event that was happening worldwide, showcasing a whole heap of new toys from Disney. The toys launched ranged from Nerf guns to hot-swappable build-it-yourself lightsabers. It isn’t just the Millennium Falcon that’s getting a drone form. Han Solo and Chewie’s spacship will also be accompanied by a X-Wing starfighter drone. The best part is both of which will have the ability to zip around your room and pester your pet cat with minimal assembly.

And if you’re wondering what it’s made off, the Millenium Falcon drone is a quadcopter with four propellers, made of high density foam so it will be light but tough enough to handle a few dings here and there.

Both the Millenium Falcon and X-Wing drones will be produced by Air Hogs, a company that has experience making such flying delights. So how much are these drone from a Galaxy far, far away gonna set us back by? Well actually, we don’t know. Price and availability are still up in the air, though we’re pretty sure that there’ll be an announcement on that pretty soon. Once that’s done we’ll definitely be letting you all know anything new about these zippy Star Wars gadgets.

If you still don’t believe it’s realy though, as they say, seeing is believing.  You can check out the full (four hour long!) unboxing event here:

via Engadget

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