Disney apparently has some plans to bring the Tron universe back to life, not only with a brand new story but with Jared Leto to be in the thick of it all.

Word about a third Tron movie has sort of been floating around for awhile, but given that it didn’t entirely take off (what with being canceled in 2015), this sudden return to the franchise is both exciting and a bit worrisome.

As it turns out, the new movie is being built from the script of the previously canned Tron 3 (also known as Tron: Ascension) and is focused around the idea of elements from the world of Tron making its way into our reality, much like Quorra did at the end of Tron: Legacy.

There currently isn’t a writer or director on the project so far, but there’s word that Jared Leto might star in the reboot as a new character named Ares, who is quite prominent in Ascension’s original script. He also might co-produce alongside Justin Springer, who was behind Tron: Legacy.

We’re just going to have to wait for all this to come to fruition and hopefully it doesn’t end up getting canned a second time.