For months now, fans have been speculating on who the next Doctor in Doctor Who was going to be. And the mystery person was finally revealed at the Wimbledon’s men’s finals. 

Say hello to your new Time Lord: Jodie Whittaker!

Doctor Who is definitely a big break for Jodie Whittaker (no, she’s not Forest Whitaker’s white step-daughter), who previously acted in the TV Series, Broadchurch and also movies like Black Sea and Get Santa. What’s cool about this news is that she will be the first female Doctor in Doctor Who‘s 54-years history, which is saying something. This comes as no surprise considering the rise of female leads, even in major franchises, over the past couple of years. Franchises like Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Mad Max have all started to feature females in leading roles. It was only a matter of time before Doctor Who followed suit too.

Note: An edit was made in the article. Previously I wrote, “First female Time Lord,” and as pointed out by fans of Doctor Who, I am a complete idiot. Jodi Whittaker will be the first female DOCTOR. There have been other female Time Lords in the past.