It’s not the first time that a Lego set has let out some accidental movie spoilers, with this Doctor Strange set pretty much doing the same.

The last Lego set released that happened to reveal a bit of the movie’s climax was the Airport Battle Lego set from their Captain America: Civil War line of Lego sets.

So far all we know about Doctor Strange is what we’ve seen in the trailer, but this set shows a showdown inside Strange’s Sanctum Santorum, possibly involving some massive tentacled monster.

Aiding Strange is Baron Mordo and Wong, who are also wielding weapons of their own, magical or otherwise. The octopus-like creature might just be Shuma Gorath, an extra-dimensional demon who tried to take over the Earth while Strange and Wong were trapped elsewhere.

Of course we can’t be 100% sure that this would be a scene from the movie, but if the last set was any indication; it could be pretty close.

Doctor Strange is set to hit cinemas 4 November 2016.