Okay, maybe the little is a little misleading. Then again, no one can truly look as gorgeous as Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. However, just a regular looking Samurai? That’s achievable. 

According to Kotaku.com, a company named Samurai Age which also crafts miniature armour for dolls and sake bottles have decided to make armour Samurai armour for dogs and cats. For what specific reason they chose to do this, no one knows. But one could only predict that it’s going to make them a truckload of money. After all cats and dogs are all the hype these days.

Friend: Bro!!! Did you watch that cat video I linked you?
Me: Nah man, I was busy engaging in sexual intercourse while simultaneously playing the best game of Dota I’ve ever played. 
Friend: Geez! How lame. Get your priorities straight, bruh!

That’s right. The current social construct is: Cat videos > Dota > sex

With that said. Check out these images.

Kotaku.com also reports that the basic pet armour comes in four different colours and is priced between 128 USD for the smallest red armour to 150 USD for the largest gold armour.

What’s not reported by Kotaku.com is that it costs absolutely FREE to not be an idiot who buys samurai outfits for your pets. But hey, to each their own. *cough* idiot *cough*.