Earth Space Defense wants you to enlist to prepare the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence in a promotional video released for the film.

The propaganda tinged marketing video treats the events of the original Independence Day in 1996 as a matter of fact. This time around, the Earth is more prepared as it adapted the alien technology from twenty years ago to develop space military application.

Making the appeal for recruits on behalf of Earth Space Defense is General Adams, played by William Fichtner. To protect the earth from the upcoming alien invasion, man and woman across the globe will have to band together to take on the threat.

While, the Earth Space Defense is entirely fictitious, the recruitment spot is sponsored by the U.S Army with real job opportunities in the military.

For those of you who are eager to take a peek into Independence Day: Resurgence feel free to enlist in ESD by playing mini games to unlock footage of the upcoming film. One of the mission involves creating an anti-telepathy serum which would unlock commentary from the cast and director on how it relates to the film.

The sequel to Independence Day will feature its original director Roland Emmerich with some of the old cast reprising their role for Independence Day: Resurgence, along with new characters.

Independence Day: Resurgence will be out on the big screen in June 24. In the meantime, check out Earth Space Defense’s recruitment video below. And For those who want to enlist you could check it out here.