If you’ve always wanted pointy ears but couldn’t really put on your earphones at the same time, then you might have just found that almost magical in-between that will do you both!

Elf ears are pretty much a mainstay of the costuming scene because you can’t really be an elf (or in some cases, a Hylian or a Vulcan) without them elf ears.

However, ears aren’t easy to put on (think of all that spirit glue and makeup) and it sure isn’t worth taking them off just to feed your audio addiction. Enter the elf ear earphones, which is pretty much both in one package, fleshy cable noodles and all.

Lend me your ears!

The headphones come in two flavours, a Bluetooth and a cabled version but both of them only come in one flesh colour. This is bad news if you happen to have a dark complexion, but we hope that they’ll come out with more flesh tones in the future. In terms of texture, the earphones feel like silicone rubber but they are very well molded.

On the cable, you’ll find a power button which also doubles as the pairing button, the micro-USB port you will use to charge it with and a microphone.

Getting them to operate is easy peasy, but keeping them on is another matter altogether.

The headphones themselves aren’t particularly hard to wear.

All you need to do is position them on the outer portion and then place the earbud into your ear. You might need to do a bit of shifting around to get the positioning right but after that, they just “sit” in place. They do look reasonably authentic like you are wearing a pair of costume elf ears, though if you are wearing extensive ear piercings it might break the illusion or give you an ill fit.

I personally don’t have a problem wearing them but I have a pair of very small ears so they are a bit prone to falling off.

Of course, people will be able to see that you’re wearing a pair of earphones with a fleshy ear sticking out of it, but if you’re trying to “complete the look”, tossing a bit of hair or a bit of your wig in front of it and you’re golden.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, it’s actually not bad for the pricetag. The highs and mids are surprisingly decent, though it is a tad bit bassy. We’re not sure how consistent the sound quality is, however, as a friend of mine who owns the wired version said it wasn’t particularly bassy sounding. I’m not a big fan of bass, but it’s still decent in my opinion.

Overall, I think these are a pretty fun pair of earphones. Granted they’re not fantastic in the sound department and they don’t hang on the best (for me, remember small ears) they’re something you might want to add to your collection if you feel like being a pixie once in a while.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair, you can buy them from Tabao, Thanko or Lazada, starting at around RM74.

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