Make your power level skyrocket with these two fun accessories from Bandai that will let you get your Goku on.

Premium Bandai, Bandai’s merch wing, has recreated two of Goku’s most iconic items, his flying nimbus cloud and condensed his Kamehameha into ball form.

The accessories in question are officially called the Kamehameha Ball and Flying Nimbus Cushion, both things that are pretty much synonymous with Dragon Ball (or are at least recogniseable enough that most will know about them).

The Flying Nimbus cushion literally looks like Goku’s cloud that he uses to fly around the world, and it measures in 39 inches in length, which makes it pretty huge. It retails for 8,000 yen (about RM299) and makes for a great cosplay prop or just a big ol’ squishy cushion for your house.

The Kamehameha Ball on the other hand, is a lot more high-tech. It’s equipped with touch sensors (and a handy wrist strap to prevent slippage) that activates when held. It also produces sounds and vibrations like well, a ball of destructive energy.

It also comes with three distinct modes, the two handed Kamehameha, the faster one-handed Kidan and the powerful Spirit Bomb. All these need to be properly executed, for example like if you take too long to thrust your hands out in Kamehame mode, the ball will fizzle out.

Of course, some training is needed to properly operate this object of immense power, so Goku will guide you through in practice mode and training mode is like a minigame; Goku will shoot you instructions for to you follow and its a game over if you input the moves wrong three times. BUT get them right and you’ll unlock higher levels of Kamehameha and Spirit Bombs for future use.

So it’s not quite like just a noisy ball of colours and light, you actually work to get it better, and you get to encounter villains like Frieza which you can only defeat by flawlessly executing the appropriate attacks.

If you’re interested, both can be purchased at Premium Bandai’s online store.