ESL ONE GEnting Digital Chaos champions

It’s been a long exciting weekend for DOTA fans with ESL One Genting 2017 going on in Genting Malaysia. However, after an exciting three days, we finally have the winners of the first competitive DOTA Tournament of 2017, and they are Digital Chaos.

The best of five finals started off with a Newbee victory. The Chinese team started Game 1 with a the better team picks. Newbee Sccc’s Outworld Devourer was owning the entire game, nullifying Digital Chaos MoonMeander’s Legion Commander and giving the Chinese team the victory.

Digital Chaos managed to equalise in the second game, with w33’s Ursa owning the early game on mid while Resolut1on’s Naga farmed. As a result the late game Naga dominated allowing Digital Chaos to take the second game.

In game three Newbee once again took the game. The mobility draft pick of Newbee managed to keep Digital Chaos w33’s Outworld Devourer in check and the game ended with the Chinese team’s win. By now most of the fans were wondering if the match would even go to a fifth game but that was not to be.

Digital Chaos came back in full force in game four taking an early and just dominating in terms of net gold and experience. Newbee couldn’t distrupt Digital Chaos Resolut1on’s Slark’s farming. By the time Slark got his Shadow Blade, it was hero hunting time. Although Newbee attempted a five-man gangbang strategy, it was already too late and Digital Chaos was just way too ahead in the lead. The result, a Digital Chaos win.

This left us with a full on fifth game to the delight of the fans in the Arena of Stars. However, if anyone was expecting a long drawn out game, it was not to be. It was a snowball game for Digital Chaos. Newbee just couldn’t catch up with Digital Chaos. Fact is, it was a slaughter and the game ended just slightly above the 30th minute. With that, Digital Chaos clinched the final game and we got the first major DOTA tournament winners of 2017.