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Since our world entered the age of technology, we were continuously searching to make everything easier and more convenient. eSports represented the way of getting out from the fields and stadiums and entering the new world: video games.

What this basically means is that people invest money into seeing people play various games in teams (or by themselves) against opponents, all of this being organized in forms of tournaments. And the rest is history. Take a look below to find out how video games and betting came to be together in what seems to be a prosperous relationship.

What Are eSports?

Meaning electronic sports, eSports represent the competitive world where video gamers from around the world play against each other in order to win glory and money.

And when we say money, we mean MONEY. There are prizes that can reach millions of dollars, so you can imagine that the industry doesn’t consist of average players.

How Can a Game Become Part of Esports?

As you can imagine, the games played in these tournaments are multiplayer based. The number of games played in these tournaments started from a few ones and with each year, there are more added.

That’s because the gaming industry is forever active, so additions happen all the time. The deciding factor seems to be popularity, and all for a good reason. The events can be watched by hundreds of thousands of people, not counting the thousands that watch them live, from the audience.

So, if a new game appears and there are a lot of people that are playing it, then you can assume that there are plenty of people who want to watch professionals play it too.

What Kind of Games Can You Bet On?

eSports can encompass various types of games. We are going to mention the most popular ones, as to not make things confusing. The more common ones include FPS (or first-person shooters), MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and real-time strategy.

The best examples of these genres would be CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), DotA2 and LoL (League of Legends). Why these three? Well, they are the most popular games when we are talking about a global audience.

If you are interested in, let’s say, DotA 2 betting, then you can find numerous tournaments on which you can test your luck.

Who Competes and Where?

As we briefly stated above, these games are played by individuals that are part of carefully knitted teams. These teams are similar to the ones from the traditional sports when we are talking about chemistry or organization.

They compete online or by using a LAN (Local Area Network) connection in various tournaments. Since we talked about DotA2, then you should know that The International is regarded as the major tournament for this game. It takes place annually, in huge arenas filled to the brim.

These tournaments attract huge audiences online, often exceeding 3-4 million of people that are watching them on streaming services (like Twitch, for example).


It seems that eSports are the next big thing when we are talking about online betting. People all over the world are now betting on various games that are hugely popular.