Ahh, it’s a great time for VR games.

This is Gunjack, where you get to pilot a dual-turret spacecraft, you’ll be in charge of protecting a mining rig that’s set in the EVE Universe. Pitting yourself against pirates and opportunist that intend to steal the riches of the company, this fully-immersive VR is specifically designed for the Samsung Gear VR.

The game progresses with levels that allow players to add to their arsenal of weapons, upgrade as they go and finally go against huge bosses. Built around the Unreal 4 engine and paired with the Samsung Gear VR the game looks good from what we can gather. Not sure how it will play for people with motion sickness though. Hopefully this new game will make the RM 799 purchase on the Samsung Gear VR worth it.

If you want to find out what the Gear VR is like, head on over here to check out our review.

via Engadget

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