For those who know Life is Strange, the game isn’t shy to personal and dark topics that plague the bullied.

As such, Square Enix wants to help, and has started the #EverydayHeroes campaign. Inspired by the in-game Everyday Heroes competition out of the very game itself.

Twitter users are urged to share their own experiences in “overcame adversity, stood up for what’s right, or helped a friend in need.”

One of the biggest themes in the game is bullying, with the main character (Max) having to deal with bullies and their victims in certain points in the game. So it makes perfect sense for them to launch the campaign. Why not use gaming for good?


Every post made on social media using the hashtag #EverydayHeroes before 19 January will increase their donation to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, a charity whose goal is to educate children and teachers about the damage of bullying, how to prevent it and support victims.

You can find out more at Square Enix’s site or watch the video! just be warned that the video has a few game spoilers if you haven’t yet played the game.