Another torrent site goes the way of the ghost, as ExtraTorrent is abruptly shut down, permanently.

This is not too far behind the death of various other torrenting sites, some of which were major torrenting sites that were often perused by netizens and pirates alike. Those who access the homepage will now be greeted by this message:

ExtraTorrent operator SaM did confirm to TorrentFreak that the site has, in fact, met its end, and declined to say more than “It’s time we say goodbye” without further detail.

ExtraTorrent has been in operation since 2006, and while we don’t promote piracy, torrent communities were sometimes the only way you could get ahold of software (and shows) that were no longer available for purchase or were simply inaccessible to you due to your geography. On top of that ExtraTorrent’s release group ETRG has also has been closed, where Ettv and Ethd might have survived if they got enough donations to sustain them and had people ready to keep the platforms going.

We don’t know the true reason why ExtraTorrent was shuttered, but it wouldn’t surprise us if it was due to legal pressure from the Entertainment industry. Either way, torrent sites are falling like flies, so maybe it truly is the end.