With the second instalment of Fairy Tail‘s cinematic universe being released recently, here’s what we think of Dragon Cry.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is the second movie in the long running Fairy Tail franchise, which is mostly about the (mis)adventures of the Mages from the Fairy Tail guild. The anime and manga have been running for years now, and while the manga is reaching its conclusion it seems like a good time for another movie.

The story takes part sometime before the final arc, so if you don’t follow the manga or anime you might be a teensy bit lost but generally speaking, you could go watch without much prior knowledge of the franchise and still be ok.

Fairy Tale Dragon Cry poster

As far as the plot goes, the movie centres around an artefact called the Dragon’s Cry; a staff with immense magical power that’s capable of annihilating entire kingdoms. Previously it has been in the possession of the Kingdom of Fiore, and was stolen by Zash Caine and brought to the Kingdom of Stella.

Obviously, Fiore wants the staff back, so guild members of Fairy Tail (specifically Team Natsu, plus a few others) go to try and steal it back.

A few members of Team Natsu; who is the pink haired guy to the right

Starts off a little awkward.

I feel that the movie isn’t incredibly balanced in terms of tone.

Early on in the movie, they try to establish a few sillier bits (character overreactions mostly) in a movie that should have a more serious tone. It does eventually adopt said serious tone by the time you get halfway through the movie, but it still got a small sprinkling of funnier moments. That and the movie has no shortage of fan service moments, but it doesn’t exactly make the movie better.

Also, the movie started a little janky, literally starting with a dream sequence, followed almost immediately by a flashback and I personally feel the movie could probably have done without them.

No shortage of explosions

As far as the graphical quality is concerned, it could be better. Unlike the Naruto movies who put in real cinematic quality into their movies, Dragon Cry doesn’t seem very far off from the usual quality you get from the anime. Still very serviceable but they could possibly have done better.

But in terms of the score, if you love the series you’ll enjoy the music as it does take a lot of themes from the series. If you don’t know the series well, you might still enjoy the music anyway, with a lot of the score featuring an upbeat Celtic tune and high octane battle music.

There’s certainly no lack of fan service OR action sequences, however, and I can safely say that the movie is at least 70% action plus one crazy plot twist towards the end.


While you might find some elements of the movie rather cliched but generally speaking it’s still quite enjoyable, even if you don’t really know all the characters.

The movie even takes a leaf out of Marvel, it has an after credits scene, which is also worth watching because it follows up with the events of the movie somewhat. Either way, don’t let me spoil the movie anymore for you, go check it out for yourself!