Final Fantasy VII just became about real estate as its getting adapted into Monopoly, the family board game we all know and love.

The Square Enix classic will have its characters, locations, and lore adapted to the board game, and will join many game and movies that have graced the board game; like Star Wars, Harry Potter and more recently, Fallout.

Here’s the description of the game from retailer Merchoid:

“Whether your plans are to buy housing for the people or build a Mako reactor plant, you’ll soon discover the real nature of Sephiroth’s evil is the extortionate amount of rent he charges.”

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly is priced at $49.99 (that’s about RM200) and it is set for an April 2017 release. The box art you see above is just its preliminary design, as the pieces and art haven’t actually been released yet but we’re sure looking forward to metal pieces of the characters should those be the play pieces.

This should tide us over while we’re waiting for Square Enix to finish their official Final Fantasy VII Remake.