In a sort of unexpected (but somewhat expected) move from Square Enix, they’re also producing an anime series and a movie alongside Final Fantasy XV. Details here!

First off, the 3D animated feature (think Advent Children or Spirits Within) will be focusing on King Regis, Noctus’ father once your party leaves the city. Titled Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the movie will be released digitally sometime this year. Voice cast include Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean, though their roles aren’t fully specified.

The anime series on the other hand, will be called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV and is being worked on by the same studio who worked on Sword Art Online. The series will be streamed on YouTube and is entirely free.

In fact, you can already catch the first episode here on YouTube.

Each episode will span about ten minutes, with a total of five episodes to launch before the game becomes available. So expect lots of character development (we hope), story exposition and a whole lot of tasty noms. Maybe even bromance. Fingers crossed.

Final Fantasy XV launches 30 September 2016.