Its a good thing that Square Enix is slowly bringing some of classic Final Fantasy games over to PC, with the latest addition being Final Fantasy IX.

Having already brought Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, Type-0 and Lightning Returns to the PC platform through Steam, it looks like its only a matter of time before they haul the vast majority of their Final Fantasy games onto the platform.

Final Fantasy XI launched in 2000 (that’s 15 years ago!) and follows the story of Zidane and Princess Garnet as they learn the secrets of the malevolent force that threatens their world and the Crystal that protects it.

We’re personally looking forward to play Chocobo Hot and Cold; if not reliving the story again.

The game will also be getting a graphical bump up; alongside the ability to autosave and seven additional game boosters like high speed and no encounter modes (but where’s the fun in that?)

Final Fantasy IX is set to hit in “early 2016” and you can check out the store page here.