The massively popular game series is set to receive its 6th iteration. Civilization VI promises to expand core gameplay while reducing the barrier of entry for newbies. What does Firaxis have in store with the newest Civ?

Set to be released in a mere 5 months, Civilization VI‘s new features include cities which can sprawl over more than one tile, a more advanced diplomacy system, and the ability to form corps of units by combining different ones on the same hex.

There seems to be a general bent towards making the game more accessible, with a slate of new tutorials and and multiplayer game modes that can be completed in a single session instead of the hundreds-of-turns slugfests that previous Civ games could devolve into.

The game looks more cartoon-ey than previous outings, perhaps as a concession to the fact that Civ has always been a very intimidating series. However, hardcore fans are not forgotten – more in-depth customisation options allow savvier players to tune and tinker their factions or conduct research in a more active way than ‘click button, wait X turns.’

It has been 25 years since the first Civilization, and 6 years since the previous entry in the series, Civilization V. Since then, Firaxis has released 2 expansions for Civ V, and a standalone title, Civilization: Beyond Earth. Civilization VI is now available for pre-order from the official site, including a ‘Digital Deluxe’ edition covering the first 4 DLC expansions and a spiffy 25th Anniversay Edition soundtrack.