The cover for both sides - Byakuya Ōkoku (白夜王国?, lit. "White Night (Midnight Sun) Kingdom") and Anya Ōkoku (暗夜王国?, lit. "Dark Night Kingdom").
The cover for both sides – Byakuya Ōkoku (白夜王国, lit. “White Night (Midnight Sun) Kingdom”) and Anya Ōkoku (暗夜王国, lit. “Dark Night Kingdom”).

Fire Emblem If is coming soon in Japan on 25 June this year so Nintendo has tossed out even more teaser videos. So far we have gotten to see an extended trailer showing bunch of characters and features, as well as a TV spot that is 30 seconds long.

Now we have some idea on what or who is running the Black and White kingdoms, character creation process and features such as choosing your side, battles, the bonding system, the previously discussed My Castle aspect and more. The side you choose will impact the story of the game, character relationships and the ending. On the character creation side, players can see what kind of hero that he/she wants.

The battle system is very dependent on player’s understanding of strength/weaknesses of each character, who to deploy, what way that you will fight and working with allies for combined assault.

Take a look at the new “Dragon Pulse” ability at the 3:53 mark. These abilities can only be used by royal family members from either Kingdom, and they can drastically change the battlefield with actions such as building bridges, causing earthquakes, and even flattening mountains.

Next, the video offers another glimpse at the bonding system, where you’ll meet characters from over 60 different unit-types. Both kingdoms will have their own unique characters and as you level these people up and can even switch classes upon meeting requirements like the old Fire Emblem titles.Sadly, Nintendo did not say when this game will hit the international market for sure except a vague announcement that it will be a “western release in 2016.

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