Last weekend the Comic N’ Toys Geek fest took place at Jaya Shopping Center, to satiate the needs of the comic book and toys fans citywide.


The first time convention attracted a huge crowd of people to the mall, who came not just for a helping of their favourite toys, comic books, cosplayers, and general geeky joy; also in attendance was Liui Aquino, popular cosplayer from the Philippines who made an appearance as Tadashi from Big Hero Six and Nightwing from the Batman franchise as well as be one of the judges for the competition.


Of course there was also a cosplay competition that attracted many Marvel and DC cosplayers to attend the event, with a slew of characters from both the comics and the movies making an appearance.Geektoys_4

To top it off, there was a section of the convention dedicated to artists who not only showcased their wares like locally made comic series Invasi and Streets of Red but also provided on the spot commissions to the public.


We don’t get enough western fandom oriented conventions around these parts, but with the rise in popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can only hope that we will be getting more conventions like the Comic N’ Toys Geek Fest.


It was such a success that we might be seeing them next year too! Fingers crossed.

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