Hugh Jackman is teasing the fans with the first glimpse of The Wolverine 2 which he insists will be his last role as the titular mutant.

He posted this Twitter picture with the hastag #OneLastTime:

Despite the fact that he showed up at SDCC 2015, there is no official presence or promotions for The Wolverine 2. But when he was asked about it, he gave one hint: “Old Man Logan.”

Comic fans might recall that this is the title penned by Mark Millar where Wolverine gave up his superhero identity after mistakenly causing the death of his X-Men comrades in the alternate future. Director James Mangold will be back to direct the sequel with no official title yet.

However, there is an issue since characters like Hulk and Hawkeye shows up in the comic story so we are wondering how the story would be told without these superheroes around since 20th Century Fox does not have rights to them. Perhaps the film will go for more of a personal story where an elder Wolverine is going down the path of redemption? and perhaps finds the reason to be Wolverine again after a terrible tragedy. Just speculation, of course.

The claws will be fighting for redemption in cinemas on 3 March 2017.

Via Twitter

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