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Some things just shouldn’t need sequels. But unfortunately, the movie industry keeps gracing us with movies that aren’t…always the best addition to their respective franchises.

It could be that said movie just had a nice conclusion where you know, the story line has been neatly ended, or maybe the makers had planned for a multitude of sequels in the first place, but the subsequent movies totally fell flat? I personally believe that some things should just be left alone.

Because frankly, one movie is great, maybe the second one too, but when exactly should the madness stop? so here are five upcoming film sequels we could really do without.

Avatar Sequel(s)

So humanity was driven off Pandora, leaving the alien Na’vi (and their weird hair) in peace to thrive. However, their story is apparently far from over because director James Cameron wants more. With four more films in development, we really have to wonder where the plot for the films will go. Will they follow the original book or will they be rolling into uncharted territory with more content? who knows.

The film has been plagued with delays though, with it originally supposed to be released in 2014 but it’s been given a major push back.  Avatar 2 has a 2020 release date planned (with all four Avatar sequels to be released in rapid succession), we’ll be hearing more about them when they come out.

Since we’re on the topic of too many sequels…