The new Team Fnatic 2016

Just a week after they announced the release of three members from their DOTA 2 team, Fnatic has now announced their new team roster. This time, we see the addition of three members from team TnC, who came out eight in the recent The International 2016 (TI6) tournament.

Despite the strong performance of Fnatic during TI6, which saw the team coming out fourth overall, three of its member,Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng, Djardel ‘Dj’ Mampusti and Adam ‘343’ were let go.

They have now been replaced with TnC former supports and carry; Marc Polo ‘Raven’ Luis Fausto, Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho and Nico ‘eyyou’ Barcelon. All three players together with the remaining Fnatic members; Captain Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung and Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong Xin, will now make up the Fnatic roster for the upcoming fall season.

On top of the announcing the new team roster, Fnatic also revealed their new sponsor, eGG Network, the24/7 eSports and gaming channel under Malaysia’s Astro. The team will be making their debut on the channel at the Mineski Pro Gaming League that’s happening in Kuala Lumpur on from September 9 to 11.