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Team Fnatic, the Malaysia’s e-sports DOTA 2 team recently dropped three players from its roster.

The change is most likely due to their poor performance at TI5. The management did not offer any details as to why they let go KecikImba, KyxY and JohnNy so far. After heavy criticisms of uninspired play from the local community, KecikImba’s removal did not come as a big surprise but many pundits are puzzled as to why the other two suffered a similar fate. The announcement was made on the team’s official site and it is noticeable that KecikImba did not offer any statement about this unlike the other two.

This leaves Mushi (Captain) and Ohaiyo as the core members of the team and there is no inkling if the team will relocate to other country for now. No news as to who will be selected to replace the vacant slots but the indications are pretty strong that Malaysians will be considered as first choice.

Source: Official site

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