The Lunar festival will be upon us soon and Maxim is back with their lava-filled salted egg yolk mooncakes, this time Star Wars themed.

But sadly they’re only available in Bangkok.

The package not only contains four lava-filled mooncakes but also comes with a limited edition metal tin, bearing the visage of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper respectively. The Darth Vader box contains chocolate flavoured cakes pressed with the Imperial sign while the Stormtrooper box contains custard lava cakes which are oddly sporting the emblem of the Rebel Alliance. Is there a TR8-TR in our midst?

The boxes will be available in August, and will set you back about B1,099 (about RM124) if you happen to be in Bangkok to snag it. A regular box of eight custard flavoured mooncakes is B1,350 and four piece chocolate is B855 respectively. I guess you’re paying quite a bit for that tin.

Also, we’ve discovered that they are available in Malaysia as well, and they can be pre-ordered from Mei-Xin Mooncakes starting 1 August. Don’t miss out!