Yes, you heard that right. FURUM, Malaysia’s first furry convention is happening this December, and it will be running at the same time as Comic Fiesta 2015.

FURUM basically stands for (FURs Upon Malaysia), which is basically a way for all the local fur-fans to meet up, suit up and just have fun.

The event will be held on the 19 to 20 December, which is the same date which Comic Fiesta 2015 will be running at the Mines Convention Center (MIECC). We don’t quite know why they chose this date, but it is likely attendees from both conventions can go visit with just a bit of extra walking.

FURUM itself will be located in the Mines Wellness Hotel. Granted it won’t be as huge as Comic fiesta (which is literally happening just next door) the event looks like it has a fair bit of fun stuff already planned out.

They haven’t finalised ticketing details yet but below is the current schedule if you want to check out what’s happening on the event itself.

FURUM schedule

By the looks of it there will be plenty to do, so we will update when we get more info. Do take note that the schedule is likely still subject to change.

In the meantime you can check out their event page here.