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Gakkou Gurashi!/School-Live! or がっこうぐらし! moe survival manga is doing very well thanks to the anime series. However, the Blu-ray and DVD sales of Volume 1 is not very encouraging in this surprise reveal.

The official Twitter of Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara magazine details that the survival horror/moe manga had breached the 1.2 million copies mark, signifying a huge success of the manga. The manga, created by Nitroplus’ Norimitsu Kaihou (storywriter) and Sadoru Chiba (illustration), serialized in the Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara magazine since July 2012 with the seventh volume is set to release end of this year.

Manga tankubon volumes 1 and 6 covers
Manga tankubon volumes 1 and 6 covers

The sales of the first volume skyrocketed between 6-12 July after the broadcast of first episode of the anime series , a whopping 10 times more compared to previous week of 29 June – 5 July. The first episode itself was watched 2.5 million times on Nico Nico Douga video streaming service which is a big number to say the least.

Bluray covers volume 1 & 2
Bluray covers volume 1 & 2

However, the lackluster sales performance of the anime series is surprising since a lot of expectations was heaped on the success of the anime series based on Nico Nico Douga data. In the latest Oricon sales report, the first Blu-ray volume of Gakkou Gurashi! only managed to achieve 1308 copies sold while the DVD did the measly 345 – together it is only 1653 copies. In comparison, the latest top seller, Charlotte managed 7046 copies combined in the same time period. The volume contains two episodes with the pricing of US$57 (RM$250) for Blu-ray and US$48 (RM$211) for the DVD.

If this trend continues, the prospect of a sequel season for Gakkou Gurashi! is very dim indeed. Bear in mind if the first volume did not achieve a minimum of 3000 copies sold, usually it is a death sentence to any sequel hopes by Japanese anime industry standard.

Source: Oricon & Twitter

© Nitroplus/Norimitsu Kaihou, Sadoru Chiba, Houbunsha

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