Full disclosure: The actor’s and character’s name was purposely left out of the title NOT to make the article more clickbaity, but to avoid potentially spoiling something for people who avoid theories, predictions, and speculations. So yes, POTENTIAL SPOILERS for future Game of Thrones episodes ahead. You have been warned. 

If you haven’t seen episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 7, you’re crazy. I refuse to believe that there’s anything so important that it prevented you from watching Game of Thrones. Blasphemy! But if you have watched it, check out my review HERE. 

Euron Greyjoy is slowly turning into one of the best villains of the series. Very much like Ramsay and unlike Joffrey, Euron is a psychopath who takes pleasure in murdering people. Pilou Asbæk plays his character to perfection. Sometimes he makes me laugh — his interaction with Cersei in episode 1 is incredibly funny — but most of the time, he makes me want to grab him by his throat and knock his teeth out. After destroying Yara’s fleet and killing off 2/3 of the Sand Snakes, Euron is just getting started.

However, in an interview with Variety, interviewer Daniel Holloway asked, “With all the violence in the show, Euron seems to enjoy it more than almost any character and seems to not care whether he dies.”

To which Pilou Asbæk answered:

He knows his time is spare. He knows he’s going to die at one point. And if you ask me, it’s probably going to be spectacular. I hope so. But right now, he’s in for a ride.

While this is not an official confirmation, Pilou Asbæk is confident that his character will bite the dust, eventually. This isn’t exactly a shocking statement as the previous two big baddies of the show Joffrey and Ramsay have both met their end, one, rather abruptly and the other, in rather spectacular fashion. One can only hope that Theon makes a glorious return, saves his sister and sticks his sword right up Euron’s as*hole.