The brothers in action
The brothers in action

Naughty Dog, makers of one of the most highly regarded game of PS3, The Last of Us, has unveiled the gameplay trailer for the fourth installment of its Uncharted series, Uncharted 4: Thief’s End. Nathan Drake, the hero of the series is back and joining him this time is his brother voiced by Troy Baker, who so happens to be the voice of Joel in The Last of Us.

Based on what we can see in the trailer, Uncharted 4′ still retains the charm of the series – crazy acrobatics and some smart comments by the hero character. What’s noticeable though is that the finer details have been enhanced which we figure, the developers have incorporated from lessons learned from The Last of Us.

There is a marked improvement in animation as well, as Drake looks quite realistic in motion, from killing his enemies to jumping with the ropes. Naughty Dog has stated that they are aiming for 60fps during gameplay though the demo gameplay video currently shows that it runs at 30fps with a 1080p resolution.

Uncharted 4: Thief’s End’s release date is of yet unconfirmed, but it is tentatively set for a 2015 release.

Via Kotaku

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