Recently we reported the case where a customer of Gamer’s Hideout had been wrongfully accused of theft which resulted in the police being called in and he getting exonerated. Now Gamer’s Hideout has officially made an apology for the incident in a posting on their Facebook page.

In the post, which was a statement by the Gamers Hideout founder, the company acknowledged their mistake in the matter and had already contacted the affected customer to offer their apologies and compensation.

As for why they took a while to respond or make a statement regarding the issue, this was due to the heavy retail traffic they had on the weekend which hampered their ability to perform a thorough investigation until Monday itself.

Gamer’s Hideout also apologised for the subsequent, unwholesome response that some their staff made on social media regarding the incident. The company claims that they have reprimanded the staff responsible for the inappropriate posting and have made them take account for their actions.

It’s good to see that Gamer’s Hideout has taken responsibility for the whole incident, though, in hindsight, an earlier response by the company could have prevented the whole social media storm that came after. While we acknowledge that Gamer’s Hideout does need to run a business, the delay in their response and investigation has already dented their reputation.

We have also managed to get in touch with the affected customers from the incident and they have told us that Gamer’s Hideout has already contacted them and they will be meeting to finalise the apologies and whatever compensation that is needed.

So what do you think, do you think Gamer’s Hideout has done enough to clear the air? Do tell us in the comments. We’ve also included the complete apology by Gamer’s Hideout below.