We gamers just love our games, and dropping by a game store is usually on our list of places to go when we hit the mall. However, irrespective of what you’re doing in the store, be it buying something or just ogling at the latest releases, your trip is pretty much ruined by being accused of stealing from the store. That is exactly what happened to one such customer at Gamer’s Hideout.

The victim, Holy Chit (real name unknown) had gone to 1 Utama Shopping Center and decided to drop into Gamer’s Hideout after lunch, to look at some games that were on sale. They then were approached by the store’s manager who asked them when were they going to return the game that they had stolen. He then asked when he had done such a thing (and being clueless on what exactly was going on) as the manager had caught them both off guard. The manager became agitated and threatened to call the police, where they were then forced to wait for the police to arrive, unable to exit the store.

A typical view at Gamers Hideout

The group then watched the alleged CCTV footage of the theft, wherein the manager became angry that the CCTV footage didn’t resemble either Holy Chit or his friend, who was also accused of wrongdoing. On top of that Holy Chit confirmed that he wasn’t in 1 Utama on the day the footage was captured (22 Feb 2017) and was in Central Festival Mall with his girlfriend, as proven with a chat history timestamp.

However, this didn’t convince the manager, and when the police arrived, all of the victim’s ID cards were collected for investigation. But the issue didn’t clear up, with the manager pointing to a different person (who allegedly is staying in Ipoh and arrived at the Klang Valley a day before the incident) after submitting the CCTV footage to the police. Then the police asked for a final confirmation, the manager was uncertain, stating that the only certain thing was the thief bought a game and stole another during the time of the crime.

By some terrible coincidence, on checking the database, the thief’s name is close to Holy Chit’s real name albeit with a different spelling. As such, the police didn’t take it as evidence leading to the crime.

But the initial theft wasn’t reported, with the manager not being able to give an answer as to why. The police then requested the accused and the manager to follow him to the investigation room, where the manager then declined, saying that the store had a high number of customers visiting and they were short of staff. Instead, he sent his off-duty supervisor to go with them.

On closer inspection of the CCTV footage, the policeman allegedly laughed as the perpetrator didn’t resemble Holy Chit and his friends at all and they were free to go.

The original Facebook post was published on the 19th March morning and has gotten viral since it went up. Though the post has since been taken down, copies of the post have been reuploaded and spread through various gaming groups on Facebook as well.

We’ve approached Gamer’s Hideout for comment, but they have yet to respond (the article will be updated when an official statement has been made). Gamers Hideout’s reputation is taking a hit from this, but what do you think about the whole scandal? Let us know in the comments!