Gantz characters

The November issue of Shueisha’s Miracle Jump magazine announced a spin-off of popular sci-fi manga series Gantz. Provisionally titled G-GANTZ, it will be created by Hiroya Oku (Gantz, HEN) and Keita Iizuka (Blue Gralia).

The Gantz spin-off manga will begin on 17 November and Oku himself will be writing the story while Iizuka will be the artist. The first chapter will include an opening colourised page to celebrate its debut.

The scan of the announcement page, Miracle Jump November 2015 issue

Not much is known about the new managa series as the announcement just states, “A shocking work with a fresh, new take on a new ‘GANTZ‘ world!”

The Gantz manga was originally serialised in Young Jump back in 2000 and ended its run 13 years later. The final 37th volume was published in Japan on August 2013 whereas the Dark Horse Comics, English translated version will end this November. On top of the manga, Gantz had an anime adaptation produced by GONZO as well as two subpar live-action films.

We do wonder how shocking the spinn-off will be considering Gantz was already peppered with tons of violence, nudity and sex.