The ghost of Christmas past may have forced us all to sit through whatever festive-themed drivel was showing on local TV but with the rise of download and streaming services there’s no excuse for not having yourself a very geeky Christmas.

To help you out, here’s our pick of the best geeky movies with a Yule theme to help you get in the holiday mood.

10. Love, Actually.


OK, at first glance Love, Actually may not seem all that geeky and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it should be tossed in the slag heap with other festive celebrity-infested nonsense like Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve, however, Richard Curtis’s (Four Weddings and a FuneralNotting Hill) witty, funny film refuses to shy away from difficult, awkward topics and showcases all aspects of love, both the ups and the downs in almost equal measure. With fantastic performances from the likes of Bill Nighy and Emma Thompson, Love, Actually ends up being greater than the sum of its constituent parts, something that always manages to evade those knock-offs that followed.

Even though it came out in 2003, years before shared worlds like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what geek wouldn’t enjoy a film where you need a chart to remember how each character is connected to the others!

Source: Wikipedia

The scene between the actor who would go on to play Sheriff Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead (Andrew Lincoln) and his best friend’s wife, (Kiera Knightly), is still creepy though.