9. Iron Man 3

Despite being released in the Spring and featuring numerous sunny locales, this Shane Black directed and written Summer blockbuster had, for the time, a decidedly odd and seemingly completely unnecessary Christmastime setting, as well as all the hallmarks of a Christmas classic; a cute kid for our hero to bond with (or not, as the case may be);  snow (undercut slightly by the fact that Tony has to drag a deactivated Iron Man suit through it), fairy lights (decorating the memorial of a terrorist explosion) and…. um…villains that explode if they lose their temper?

Ok, Iron Man 3 may not be drowning in festive spirit but it’s one of the few superhero movies with a Christmas theme that holds up to repeated viewing (there are more later, don’t worry).

“Rushing” through the snow, as a one man, open “sled”