8. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

kiss-kiss-bang-bang-kilmer-monaghan-downey (1)

For the more acerbic geek this Christmas, Robert Downey Jr. graces our list again with the perfect detective noir for the holiday season.

A film that reintroduced the world to the joys of Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer, before the former’s career took off into the stratosphere as Iron Man and the latter’s career nosedived with an appearance in The Love Guru.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang also saw the return of Shane Black, who contributed to the screenplay and directed an irreverent, dirty, funny, and at some places just plain wrong, defective detective story, as Downey’s clueless thief/actor Harry and Kilmer’s put-upon detective Perry, hilariously blunder around Los Angeles in a tale of murdered daughters, lost sisters, Hollywood secrets and accidentally amputated digits.

kiss_kiss_bang_bang_michelle-monaghan-santa-girl-outfit-gun (1)
For those of us accustomed to Christmas in the tropics, it’s also be nice to see a Christmas movie that doesn’t feature wintry conditions for once!

The film can also be credited for pushing Michelle Monaghan further into the spotlight, introducing her in a santarina suit no less.