Komori and Tenma manga

Malaysian manga publisher, Gempak Starz, has announced that it has licensed Hitsuji Harumi’s Komori & Tenma (Komori to Tenmamanga for the country. They plan to release the manga this month (March) and like all the other manga they’ve licensed so far, it’ll be translated into Malay.

Komori & Tenma follows the story of Hina Komori, an innocent and good-natured middle school student living in a provincial town. One day, a rich and genius student and his overeating dog Akinobu move from the city into Komori’s village. What will happen when Komori takes an interest in this specially treated boy?

The shoujo manga was first published by Harumi in Hakusensha’s LaLa DX magazine in 2013. However, it was ended in 2014 and only one volume of the manga was published. Here other words include the ongoing Saiouji Kyoudai ni Komarasareru no mo Warukunai that was started in May 24 2016.

Komori & Tenma will be available at RM10 for the single volume and you can purchase it below:

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