Sphero’s BB-8 just got even more awesome; as you can now guide the droid using the Force like a Jedi Master.

Well, not literally the Force (I mean, we wish!) but instead you can control the little droid using motion-tracked gestures courtesy of a new wearable that was just debuted at CES.


The BB-8 toy is already super popular as it is and this will probably only serve to make it even more in demand. The motion tracking wearable will probably look different when it hits the market but the prototype already looks super cool as it is.

Check it out in action.


So instead of having to rely on your smartphone to control BB-8, you can move your arms to translate them into commands for it; to the point of steering it around obstacles because the controls are that sensitive.

Sphero says its too early to talk about pricing but it will become available as a bundle with BB-8 or on its own if you already have your own tiny droid. The brand is also releasing a “battle damaged” version of BB-8 if you’re not fond of the pristine freshly-minted look.