The main female lead
The movie poster
The movie poster

The upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie which is a followup to the Arise OVA/OAD series is scheduled to air in Japan on 20 June 2015. Now we can have a look at the first teaser trailer footage thanks to Production I.G.

The movie is directed by Kazuya Nomura (Robotics; Notes) with screenplay by Tow Ubukata (Arise series). The footage shows the chronology of the franchise, beginning with Mamoru Oshii’s opus in 1995 to the present iteration, the Arise series.

The casting from Arise series is back namely people like Maaya Sakamoto, Miyuki Sawashiro and Kenichirou Matsuda so not much changes in casting or the crew for the movie. Japanese TV will run 4 OVA/OADs under the title of Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture on 5 April 2015, which will feature additional scenes before the nationwide screening of this movie.

The new segment’s  text and dialogue translation:

Text: And now, in 2015
Text: A new film is activated
Text: Are you ready?
Text: Original concept – Masamune Shirow
Motoko: This fight is so we can move ahead. Make the future.
Text: 25th anniversary work
Motoko: I’ve found the highest grade of parts.
Narration: This is the beginning of everything. It activates now.
Text: This is the origin of everything.
Motoko: Do you have the resolve to know everything?
Narrator: Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

So is this more interesting than the live action GITS movie starring Scarlett Jo? Comment below and let us know.

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