Good Smile Company had revealed this beautifully exquisite figure of Kaori Miyazono from the heartbreaking romantic drama anime, Shigatsu Kimi no Uso/Your April is a Lie (四月は君の嘘). This particular figure is based on the special illustration by mangaka Naoshi Arakawa for this figure project  which also serves as the inspiration for the sculpt.

This 1:8 scale figure stands at 20 cm tall, featuring Kaori in her signature school uniform wear and her beloved violin cradled in her arms. Her expression is taken straight from the series – a wistful, wan smile that is belying her uncertainty of her future despite being usually very energetic, boisterous girl most of the time.

The violin piece in her arm had been sculpted faithfully from a real scale violin and details such as her shoes texture and fabric is evidently well thought out here. The company make sure little details such as her favourite accessories and her clothes is present so the fans of the series can admire and own.

This particular figure is ready for pre-order now and expected to be released in Japan on December 2015 or Janurary 2016 with the expected retail pricing around US$79 ( RM$301).

via Good Smile Company Facebook & Official Site

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