The Google Translate
The Google Translate

Hot on the heels on Microsoft’s Skype announcement on simultaneous translation between Spanish and English speakers, Google has been working on real-time voice translations in its Google Translation app. If Google manages to pull this off, it means everyone with a mobile device will have access to real-time voice translations of 90 over languages thanks to the Google translation database. Mind boggling indeed.

According to the New York Times, Google is refining its Translate app to make it smarter – it would detect speech on the fly and translate it straightaway while its user only needs to operate his/her device during the process.

Despite Skype being the first service to provide the real time voice translation service, it is only limited to two languages, whereas Google’s project is more appealing with its potential 90 plus languages on offering.

The potential is tremendous – tourists will have an easier time to navigating in many locations with this nifty application, but some people are still worrying about the translation quality of the Google project, based on hilarious misfires on the current Google Translate right now.

Via New York Times
Image credit Lowyat

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