Gaming pretty much wrecks our wrists, and well those things are precious. Thankfully, a Steam group has cropped up that’s dedicated to keeping them in shape.

Carpal tunnel is a drag. It hurts and it will cause you to game a lot less (because you already spent so much time gaming, this happened to your wrists, you silly person) and if you want to prevent it (or help it go away) something needs to be done.

As such, The Carpal Tunnel Prevention group is a great place to look if you’re hoping to preserve the integrity of your wrists without having to dig through massive piles of information on Google. Not only do they send out regular alerts to remind you to get up and stretch, they also have resources that will help you identify repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can even find exercises on the group that will help you prevent the issues from popping up, coupled taking a break here and there. So take care of your wrists! you need them for more than just fragging noobs on Server 6.