Nasi lemak condom company

It’s been a couple of months but it seems that the nasi lemak craze has yet to die down. Look, we understand stuff like the nasi lemak burger and such, but this time, we think that things have been taken a little too far.

That’s because a Malaysian condom company, Karex, will be introducing a nasi lemak flavoured condom to the market in the coming months.

Flavoured condoms are not a new thing and have been around for years. Usually, however, they’d be of tamer flavours like chocolate, strawberry or any other fruity flavours. Some companies have tried introducing more, exotic flavouring but Karex would be the first to introduce the nasi lemak flavour to the rubber prophylactics.

Karex sells their condoms under the brand name Carex and the nasi lemak condom would be a limited-edition product. According to the company, it should be hitting the market in either November or December.

According to the CEO of Karex, Goh Miah Kiat, the range of “interestingly flavoured” condoms were more than just a marketing gimmick and were about trying to encourage contraceptive use in Malaysia.

“For me, it’s about public health, and I want to get the message across to people,” Goh said to AFP.

Well, since there’s a nasi lemak condom we’re pretty sure we’d be getting more local food flavoured condoms in the future. Char Kuey Teow condom anyone?