Green House has released a super durable USB drive that can not only take a hit, it can withstand crazy temperatures as high as 85 celcius down to as freezing cold as 4 celcius. Not that most flash drives will encounter such temperatures, there do exist people who need to keep their data safe regardless the climate. Named the GH-UFI-XSB drive, it’s designed to withstand truly brutal operating environments.

Aside from being potentially the flash drive of choice for your space explorer to be, Green House has also built-in advanced error detection that automatically repairs data as it’s being copied as well as remembers where the bad blocks are in the memory to ensure that they won’t be utilized. They’ve also ensured that data is consistently written across the drive so as to prolong it’s overall lifespan.

We don’t know what the pricing is going to be yet but we do know the drive has read/write rates of up to 27MB/sec and 23.9MB/sec respectively, which is pretty slow considering it has a USB 3 connection. The drive will be available from 128MB to 16GB storage sizes, though we truly wonder who exactly still uses anything under 2GB these days.

Source: Green House Via Akihabaranews

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