Good Smile Company has opened up pre-orders for Saber Bride, the latest 1:7 scale character figure from the popular PSP game Fate/EXTRA CCC.

Bear in mind this is not the Saber (King Arthur) that was seen in Fate/Stay Night anime, rather this is the Red Saber (Emperor Claudius Nero) that has only appeared once in a special OVA/OAD of the Typemoon Special and Fate/EXTRA CCC game.

The figure will release for market in June 2016, the 220 mm tall Saber is sculpted by Yuma (Swanboat no Souza) who previously worked on Ciel Alencon figure for Good Smile Company too. Saber Bride is wearing the “Bridal Gown of Restraint” and is sporting her special blade/Noble Phantasm “Aestus Estus”.

The figure will cost US$121 ( RM$557) before tax. You can have a special 360 degree look at the figure on their special GSC site.