Heart of Thorns logo
Heart of Thorns logo

We are suspecting Guild Wars 2 developer, NCSoft preparing to unleash a new expansion, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. The first hints were spotted by the fans of the game when news of the name already patented in United States Patent and Trademark office.

So far, we only have a teaser, a logo and many speculations about what is to come as the game developers promise spill the beans at PAX South in 24 January 2015 soon.

Players of Guild Wars 2 that have already passed the living story arc in Point of No Return got the first glimpse of the upcoming Heart of Thorns in the teaser.

Not only that, NCSoft released updates for the Point of No Return arc –  new loot, game tweaks, bug fixes and balancing for character classes to name a few. Players can check it out at their official site.

Now for the major spoiler, don’t click this if you haven’t already finished the current story:

[spoiler title=’Major spoiler’ collapse_link=’true’]

Players who completed the game will discover that the evil dragon Mordermoth (who is the big bad boss in the game) happens to be the creator of Sylvari, the race of plant like people. This is a major plot twist since the Sylvari are one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2. Which means the Sylvari players are supposed to be serving this evil dragon, not fighting against it.[/spoiler]

End of spoiler.

Things are getting interesting in the world of Guild Wars 2.

Source: Polygon

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