Gundam Build Fighters new anime, the official Youtube channel for the Gundam franchise has teased two new Gundam Build Fighters anime titles in their latest promotional video.

While the promotional video itself has no clips on the two upcoming anime projects, it did reveal the titles which are Gundam Build Fighters: GM no Gyakushū (GM’s Counterattack) and  Gundam Build Fighters Battleogue. 

Some details of the new Gundam Build Fighters anime have also been revealed. For Gundam Build Fighters: GM no Gyakushū (GM’s Counterattack), the anime will focus on the original Gundam Build Fighter‘s main character Iori Sei and will see the return of the original cast and characters in a new story. It isn’t known when in the Gundam Build Fighters timeline is the anime set but from what we’ve seen in the poster, it looks like it’s set not too long after the original series but way before the Gundam Build Fighters Try series.

Staff members for the new anime have also been revealed with Kenji Nagasaki, the director of the first Gundam Build Fighters anime returning to direct. Character designs will be handled by returning Kenichi Ohnuki with Suzuhito Yasuda credited for character design cooperation. As for mechanical designers, Kunio Okawara, Junichi Akutsu, Junya Ishigaki, Kanetake Ebikawa, and Kenji Teraoka are all returning as well.

As for the Gundam Build Fighters Battleogue anime, it is a “dream battle” short film featuring various situations and Gunpla within the Gundam Build Fighters universe. It’ll be directed by legendary veteran animator and mecha designer Masami Obari (Dancouga, Gravion and countless more), who was also a key animator and mecha animator in both Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try. As for mechanical design, it’ll be handled by Kanetake Ebikawa.

Both anime scripts though will be overseen and written by Yousuke Kuroda who also had scripting duties in the previous Gundam Build Fighters anime.

Of course, with new Gundam Build Fighters, we should be expecting a bunch of new Gunplas as well and Bandai isn’t going to disappoint. A new anime usually means a new Gundam model debuting and that seems to be the case with Gundam Build Fighters: GM no Gyakushū. Showcased as part of the new Gunpla releases included the yet unnamed new Gundam, a GM, a Ninpulse Gundam and Chinagguy. The new Gundam and GM are slated for an August release while the Ninpulse Gundam and Chinagguy are slated for a July release.