The clash of heroes
The clash of heroes

A-1 Pictures (Fate/Zero) is planning to produce another of Gen Urobochi’s work into anime. This time its the Square Enix arcade game Gunslinger Stratos that Urobochi had adapted into Manga form . Shinpei Ezaki (Guilty Crown) will be the director and Norimitsu Kaiho from Nitroplus will handle the composition.

Cast includes Atsushi Abe (Yowamushi Pedal, Magical Index) as Tohru Kazasumi , Hisako Kanemoto (Knights of Sindonia, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal) as Kyoka Katagiri and Masakazu Nishida (Log Horizon, Gundam Build Fighters Try) as Kyohma Katagiri. Veteran voice actress Miyuki Swashiro (Sword Art Online II, No Game, No Life) will be voicing Remy Odhner.

The cast
The cast

The background story is set in the year 2115 CE where Japan has split into two powers – the anarchic Frontier S and totalitarian 17th Far East Capital Administrative Zone. Obviously they can’t co-exist for long so a fight erupts between two entities. The original game by Square Enix was a 3rd person shooter made for the arcade that used a unique dual-gun controller and was multiplayer in nature.

The series is slated for April 2015 release.

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