If you’ve recently found yourself in need of a new pair of headphones, JBL has just dropped a huge selection of new headphones for both the sporty and the music lover.

The new headphones come in Lifestyle and Fitness categories, with the former being more for the average user and the latter more for the fitness fan. Also launched were JBL’s Under Armor headphones; the result of a collaboration with the sports brand of the same name.

jbl heart wirless

First we have the Under Armor Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones, which not only sport touch controls, but also in-ear heart rate monitoring and JBL’s Signature sound. They’re also sweat proof and have been tested by pro athletes so they can handle well on any workout.

Aside from those, JBL also released their Reflect series of headphones, both wired and wireless and capable of up to 8 hours of music playback. These are especially good for those owning an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, as you can pick up models that come with a Lighting connector.

Besides the fitness-centric headphones, JBL also launched their new T and E series of headphones. These new headsets are apparently designed to complement the stylish individual in your life.

The E series headphones on the other hand are slightly more standard fare but aren’t any less functional. The headsets are in line with the company’s signature sound and bass performance, with some sporting built-in mics for taking calls.

The headsets will be available from 15 November onwards, being available at authorised retailers like Harman Kardon and with Hot Gadgets and Lazada

Here are all the prices:

JBL Sport Headphones:

Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate — RM959
Under Armour Sport Wireless (1.5) — RM729
JBL Reflect Contour (wireless) — RM399
JBL Reflect Response (wireless) — RM769
JBL Reflect Mini BT (wireless) — RM469
JBL Reflect Aware (wired with Lightning connector) — RM799
JBL Reflect Mini (wired) — RM279

JBL E series:

E55 BT — RM699
E45 BT — RM459
E25 BT — RM299
E35 (wired) — RM329
E15 (wired) — RM169

JBL T series:

T450BT — RM249
T450 (wired) — RM159
T290 (wired) — RM139
T210 (wired) — RM89
T110 (wired) — RM69