marvel legends

If you’re one for accuracy but can’t shell out big bucks for replica cosplay props (or simply can’t make your own) Hasbro and Marvel has dropped a new line of detailed, accurate role play accessories to complete your costume/collection.

The line will be called Marvel Legends, and is expected to roll into stores around Fall this year. Just in time for Halloween maybe?

Pricewise, they’re about $100 USD (around RM 415) a pop, but you will be getting full sized Iron Man helmets complete with power light-up, sound effects and a removable face plate.

marvel legends
And cosplayers everywhere rejoiced

They’re also releasing an accurately sized (24 inch) Captain America shield for the same price, being of the same size as the one used in the current batch of Marvel movies.

marvel legends

While we don’t recommend using it to frisbee baddies to death, the faux metal finish looks spectacular and it comes with adjustable straps too.

We’re unsure if we’ll be seeing these in Malaysia from official importers, but we’re sure those independent retailers might be able to grab some sooner or later. We even wager we’ll be seeing Thor’s Mjolnir joining the lineup in the future too.

So what do you think about these awesome replicas from Hasbro and Marvel? let us know in the comments.